Ulti Spiral

High speed insulated spiral door

A high quality and fast insulated door, maximising security whilst maintaining the efficiencies of a short cycle time – great for external applications.


Ulti-Spiral Video:


Maximum Opening Speed: 2.0m/sec
Maximum Closing Speed: 0.5m/sec
Operating Temperature Range: -5°C to +40°C
Wind Retention: 130km/h
Warranty: 2 years
Acoustic Insulation: 22dB


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High Speed

The quickest speeds in the spiral door industry, with opening and closing speeds of up to of up to 2m/sec, reducing cycle times and therefore maximising energy savings. 

High Speed


Excellent thermal insulation is created through the use of foam filled double-skinned steel slats, helping you maximise your energy savings through your facilities doorways.


Non-contact roll-up

The slats are guided in a spiral bracket for fast opening speeds and precise door travel. Non-contact spiral technology means there is no wear on the door sections, ensuring a great long-lasting appearance, and eliminating the transfer of dirt and grime from one panel to another. 


Non-contact roll-up


A safety light grille integrated in the spiral doors frame monitors the closing zone of the up to 2.5m high, and revering the door if any of the light beams are interrupted, meaning the door cannot close on any personnel, vehicle or object that might in the doors path of travel. 

One door system

By combining many features and benefits together into one door, the Ulti-Spiral removes the need to have both a slow secure roller shutter door and a high speed fabric door in one doorway. 


The spiral doors solid insulated slats provide exceptional security, to prevent unwanted personnel entering your facility. 


-5°C to +40°C
Ulti-Spiral operating temperature range

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