Smart Chocks

Electronic Wheel Chock Vehicle Restraints

Ulti Group’s electronic Smart Chocks combines with a driver-targeted, high intensity lighting system for a complete communication and control docking package. It’s most innovative safety feature alerts dock workers when the chock is removed prematurely.

Available in both wired and wireless versions, it can interface with Ulti Group’s dock traffic control systems (sold separately) – notifying the control panel and dock lights to flash on and off if the trailer is no longer secured. Smart Chocks are low maintenance and easy to use, compared to mechanical restraints that fail more often and require frequent checkups.

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Comprehensive Safety Notification System

If it is prematurely removed while the door is open,an ultra-sonic and infrared sensors will notify the
inside control panel. Dock lights will begin to flash while an audible alarm will sound.

Comprehensive Safety Notification System

Rugged Wheel Chock Design

Made of high-strength aluminium, it’s also equipped with a non-skid steel sawtooth back plate. A fiberglass cable pole keeps the cable off the ground.

Rugged Wheel Chock Design

Precise Electronics

The control panel uses integrated circuitry and is equipped with high-intensity LED lights that have a 180° spread.

Precise Electronics
stop creeping vehicles
at your loading dock

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