Ulti A.L.S. Container Loading Shelter

Expandable Insulated Dock Shelters

Combining the flexibility of a dock shelter with the durability of a seal, these insulated shelters roll-out for an energy efficient way to load containers a t ground level.

This is your solution to ground level container loading where you still require a full encased environment, free of pests and vermin.

After planting the container on the ground the freezer panel pod extends out and tightly seals around the edges of the container, creating a controlled environment for loading. This helps reduce energy expenses by reducing the gaps through which cold air can escape and energy can be lost.

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Method of Operation

Position container adjacent to the shelter. Extend the shelter until it envelopes the end of the container. Open container doors, lower the dock leveller and begin loading.

Method of Operation

Easy Operation

The expandable pod can be either manually or automatically operated from a simple control board, making the A.L.S system remarkably easy to use.

Easy Operation

Vertical Dock Leveller

The A.L.S can be fitted with a Vertical Dock Leveller, providing safe, easy and efficient access for forklifts and pedestrians into the container on the ground.

Vertical Dock Leveller

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