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Cold Storage Doors: Points to Consider

Cold Storage rooms are refrigerated storage rooms with a main goal of keeping the room temperature constant, to save food spoilage, while demanding less energy from running refrigeration units.

All parts of the room contribute to its efficiency including the walls, ceiling, storage shelves and doors. Insulation in all areas play a huge role in saving energy and choosing the right type of doors and even doorway dimensions is crucial to maximising efficiency and productivity.

Fastrax FR      Ulti flex-1

Different types of doors  require different doorway dimensions and opening speeds. Larger door openings, and sloweer cycle times create larger entry for warm air and exit points for cold air. This makes the refrigeration units to work harder to maintain the required room temperature, using more energy.

Ulti Group offers a range of Insulated Cold Storage doors to suit your cold room requirements. These doors can be hygienic, sliding, hinged, automatic high-speed roll-up or bi-parting. Each have their own unique benefits and advantages.

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Getting the right door installed at your plant is crucial, but every facility is different. We’ve been assisting people like you in the cold storage industry for over 25 years, and know what works and what doesn’t. Reach out to us to receive a free onsite consultation to future proof your facility.

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