Insulated Sliding Doors

Sideways sliding insulated panel

A simple yet robust sliding insulated panel design to endure abusive temperature controlled applications, an economical option specifically suited for personnel usage.


There are many different types of Insulated Sliding Doors to suit the many applications they are needed for. From -40°C to +8°C, we have a full range of sliding door solutions for doorways in your chillers or freezers.

Optional manual opening or automatic opening sliding doors, and if automated there are many different activation options, from push buttons to sensors and radars.

Panel Types: Stainless steel, galvanized coated steel, galvanized steel painted to chosen colour, or freezer panel with capping.

Door Thickness: 60mm to 150mm

Temperature Range: -40°C to +8°C


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The simple, freezer panel design means breakdowns and issues are practically non-existent, and when repairs need to be done to the door when damaged, this becomes an inexpensive task.




Can be fitted to Freezers with working temperatures down to -40°C, to stop cold air escaping and warm air entering your freezer, reducing energy costs.  



Being such a simple design and made out of such sturdy materials, the Insulated Sliding Doors can take the biggest of knocks and will endure the harshest environments.

an economical option
for any freezer or chiller doorway

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