Video: Completed Dock Loading System In Action

Watch a video of a recently completed dock loading system in Auckland, including an Ulti Group dock seal, dock leveller, dok-commander and sectional door.

Ulti Group provides end-to-end solutions for all dock loading areas, right from when the truck pulls in the gate to when they leave again, the whole time ensuring safety, efficiency, productivity and cost savings are at the highest level.

Watch the video to the right to see a dock loading system we recently installed in action.

In this video you see some of our most popular dock solutions in action: 

The Eclipse Shelter seals tightly around the back of the truck to ensure minimal air loss when the truck is backed into the dock.

The Traffic Light system is integrated with the door, dock leveller and dok-commander (the dock control panel) and lets the truck driver know when they are allowed to leave the dock.

The Insulated Sectional Door provides a tight insulated seal for when the dock is not being used.

The Dock Leveller, the platform which the forklift uses to bridge the gap between the dock and the truck, is not able to be operated (through the control of the Dok-Commander) until the sectional door is open. This has smooth lip technology so the forklift driver experiences less bumps when entering the truck.

The Dok-Commander is the control box which you can see being used, this integrating all of the different aspects of the dock together to ensure they are operated in the safest manner possible.


Are you loosing expensive chiller air when trucks dock at your facility?

Do you need to improve safety around your dock loading area?

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Video: Completed Dock Loading System In Action