Westland Milk Project

Westland Milk Products is an independent New Zealand co-operative dairy company producing a diverse range of products for nutritional, food and beverage applications, including milk powders, milk fats and milk protein products. They observe strict processing, hygiene and environmental standards in their production chain to provide their customers with the highest levels of transparency and quality assurance. Their plants feature state of the art equipment managed by a dedicated team of skilled operators and engineers.

Westland has just completed a new nutritionals dryer with Evan Jones Construction at the dairy cooperative’s site in Hokitika.

This new dryer had a number of doorways that required specialized store doors and dryer doors. Ulti Group provided the supply, installation and commissioning of their new Ulti-Roll Rapid Doors, Ulti Roll-Out Container Shelters and Vertical Storing Dock Levelers.

With the Ulti-Roll Rapid Door, the new Nutritionals Dryer of Westland Milk features a quality door system, custom manufactured to suit their ultimate levels of quality control. These doors operate at a fast speed, have a great knock-out function and an excellent seal quality which is a critical feature for doors in this type of condition. The doors also help to conserve energy and achieve their commitment to a process of continuous improvement throughout their business.

We thank Westland Milk for their support, and look forward to helping them with any new developments they make in future.