Inflatable Seals

Inflatable dock seal

Blowing up and sealing around the back of the truck or trailer when docked, this seal reduces energy loss and prevents pests and vermin entering your facility.


A unique feature of the Inflatable Seal is that it can accommodate a large variety of truck heights as the top curtain continues inflating until it seals against the top of the truck.

Method of Operation 

Once the truck has docked securely the dock attendant switches the fan on and it inflates the deal until it deals tightly around the truck.  The fan keeps inflating the seal until the truck needs to depart from the dock. At this time the fan is switched off and the curtain deflates allowing the truck to depart.


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Faster Inflation & Retraction

Unique airbag and connector design means 50%  more air stays in the bag while being inflated, while providing less drag and 25% faster deflation. 

Faster Inflation & Retraction

Easier Installation

Lighter and stronger welded steel frame construction, with fewer parts. No motorized return required.

Easier Installation

Improved Reliability and Durability

The side bag retraction's design makes it less prone to tangling, allowing for easy tension adjustment if needed. The unique stiching and material makes the seal less prone to damage and leaks.

Improved Reliability and Durability
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