Roller Shutter Doors

Secure steel slat doors

Durable roll-up slat doors to provide enhanced security in your facilities doorways – an economical option for any exterior opening on your building.


Maximum Size: Up to 8m Wide x 7m High – dependant on operating system

Operating Options: Hand chain or motorised


Powder coating of the door and guides is available.


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Roll formed interlocking galvanised slats are a robust yet simple design, which can withstand high winds and harsh, corrosive environments. The slats are also individually replaceable in case of accidental damage. 



Due to being designed so durable, Roller Shutter doors have a high security factor, with the durable slats providing an extremely secure door, preventing theft at your facility.


Ideal For

All types of factories, warehouses and industrial buildings. 

Ideal For
Security and durability
its got 'em both

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