Smart Chock – Global Wheel Chock

Electronic Wheel Chock Vehicle Restraints

Ulti Group’s electronic smart global wheel chocks combines with a driver-targeted, high intensity lighting system for a complete communication and control docking package. The manually positioned Global Wheel Chock is designed to resist the forward movement of trailers by obstructing the trailer tyre. The aluminum extruded 241mm high barrier acts as a wheel wedge between the trailer tyre and the ground, reducing movement.

Standard operation includes a sensor in the chock which can be integrated with a Light Communication system that instructs the trailer driver and loading dock personnel when conditions are safe to perform loading/unloading operations. Smart wheel chocks are low maintenance, low cost and easy to use, compared to more complicated mechanical restraints.


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Comprehensive Safety Notification System

Interior/exterior LED light communication system, can include Approach-Vu, Pedestrian-Vu, Corner-Vu, and Leveller-Vu

Comprehensive Safety Notification System

Rugged Wheel Chock Design

Made of high-strength aluminium, it’s also equipped with a non-skid steel sawtooth back plate.

Rugged Wheel Chock Design

Precise Electronics

Standard operation includes a sensor in the chock which is integrated with both visual and audible alarms to communicate chock engagement at all times.

Precise Electronics
stop creeping vehicles
at your loading dock

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