Traffic Management Solutions

Expert traffic safety solutions

Our team of professional consultants can assist in helping you ensure your people, plant and equipment are well protected and safe from moving traffic.

Once you and your team have identified and recorded the hazard areas and traffic flows, we can guide you through the best practice solutions available to control, minimise or eliminate hazards in each of these areas.

Many companies install traffic management barriers, bollards and rails without a plan. This may seem suitable initially, however when coming to enforce Traffic Management throughout their whole site, they face issues with removing and relocating original barrier so traffic can flow effectively and safely – Like they say, ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’.

We are privileged to have partnered with some of NZ’s safest companies throughout our 25+ years of working in the industry, and can bring this experience to your project, ensuring your team are well protected, while operating as efficiently as possible at your facility.


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Professional Advice

Ulti Group’s traffic management consultants have had years of experience, working with some of NZ’s safest companies. We’ve planned, supplied and installed traffic management systems for 20+ years!

Professional Advice

Improve Safety

By having a fully planned Traffic Management solution, all traffic flows safely, easily, and as efficiently around your facility, and at all times protecting your personnel from moving traffic. 

Improve Safety

OHS Compliant

All Traffic Management products supplied by Ulti Group are OHS compliant, and have been rigorously tested to ensure they are suitable to protect your biggest asset...your people! 

OHS Compliant
protect your greatest asset, your people