Ulti Roll Entry

Compact Speed Door For Interior Spaces

The Ulti Roll Entry is a compact high-speed door, that is low maintenance, customisable, simple to use, and designed to replace traditional pedestrian hinged and sliding doors.



Low Maintenance

Auto-refeed slots allow the door to continue operating even if impacted, meaning less maintenance, less downtime, and reduced costs. Integrated motor and controls also helps avoid dust build-up, thus further reducing the maintenance and increasing the long-term durability of the door. The Brushless DC Motor also reduces wear and corrosion and has excellent durability.

Easy Activation

With a simple, one-touch control button, the Ulti Roll Entry is easy and convenient to use. In addition, an optional contactless activation can be applied helping to eliminate the transfer of bacteria on traditional door handles for ultimate hygienic and sanitary operation.

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Space Saving

The ultra compact design of the Ulti Roll Entry with integrated motor and control panel, and small head and side frames, uses significantly less floor area and wall space making it a smart choice for narrow spaces, hallways, or doorways where traditional hinged and sliding doors have been used in the past

Space Saving


A Brushless DC motor ensures that the Ulti Roll Entry is a very quiet operating door, perfect for the low-noise environments required for office applications and hallways.



With custom printing, the Ulti Roll Entry is customisable to suit your needs from designating areas within your facility, to promoting your brand. Should you need to relocate the door or change the curtain design, it is also simple to move the whole unit or simply replace the curtain for reduced downtime and costs.

Compact Speed Door
For Interior Spaces

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