Ulti-Roll Frigo 2

High Speed Freezer Door

When temperature control is important, speed and insulation are key. The Ulti-Roll Frigo 2 Door is a unique freezer door design, having two curtains that rise together and are driven by one motor. The curtains have a 290mm air pocket between them, into which hot air is emitted, to facilitate effective insulation between the inside and outside temperatures of a room.

Ulti-Roll Frigo 2 is a great solution as a high-speed freezer door system. With an opening speed of up to 1.4m/second, fast cycle times mean the door opens quickly,and remains open for the minimum time required, maximising productivity, decreasing energy usage, and minimising the chance of impact damage from forklifts.

Its compact design allows incorporation into restricted building designs.

The Ulti-Roll Frigo 2 relies on air as insulation by having a 290mm wide air pocket between the door curtains there’s no chance of any cold or hot air transfer through the doorway.


Speed: Up to 1.4m/sec

Maximum Size: 4m high x 4m wide

Wind Resistance: Class 2 – rated to 450Pa

Curtain Colours: 12 different RAL colours to choose from

Curtain: Thermal resistance of -35oC to + 70oC

Warranty: 2 year or 100,000 cycles from installation date

Ideal for: Warehouses – Distribution centres – Manufacturing facilities – Logistic companies – Supermarkets – Chilled areas – Freezer applications

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Why Two Curtains?

The door has two curtains that rise and close together, with a 290mm gap between them. The gap that is created has hot air emitted into it, creating an effective insulation layer between the inside and outside temperatures of a room. 

Why Two Curtains?

Knockout Feature

If a forklift happens to hit the curtain whilst the door is moving, the curtain will knock out of its zips in the side tracks, meaning no damage is caused to the door whatsoever. It also has no bars in the door like other doors do, so damage is again reduced. 

Knockout Feature

Ideal For

Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Manufacturing Facilities, Logistics Companies, Supermarkets, Chilled Areas, Freezer Applications. 

Ideal For
Two curtains
for extra thermal protection

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