Wheel Guides

Low rails to guide truck tyres

By guiding truck tyres these low barriers ensure on-centre trailer positioning at your dock loading area, to protect building walls and enhance dock seal or shelter effectiveness.

Ensuring trucks back into your docks straight and on-centre reduces damage to your dock shelters and building walls.

Smooth, rounded corners of the wheel guides cause less damage and wear to the truck tyres, whereas concrete guides can have sharp edges and can cause damage if impacted.


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Making It Easy

By installing wheel guides, truck drivers can easily see to align their truck or trailer with the dock, and can back in easily.

Making It Easy

Better Sealing

Because wheel guides force the truck to be central and straight on the dock, the dock seals can seal properly around the back of the truck ,to stop expensive chilled air escaping. 

Better Sealing

Safer Loading

An off-centre truck or trailer means the dock leveller lip cannot position centrally on the vehicle floor which can be dangerous, so forcing the truck to be on-centre improves safety. 

Safer Loading
Truck Docking
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