Dock Light Communication Systems

Dock safety lighting systems

Simple red and green traffic lights to help dock workers inside your building communicate with truck drivers outside, improving both safety and productivity at your docks.

As well as normal traffic lights for dock lighting systems, there are lights for inside the building, so it can be easily seen that a certain dock is open and safe to enter the trailer. Clear, concise communication to the right person, at the right time, in the right location.


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Using clear lighting signals to communicate around the dock loading area minimises the chance of moving dock equipment and trucks harming personnel. 


Less Damage

Because trucks are notified by the traffic lights on how close they are to your building, they don't hit it with speed or force, minimising damage to both the truck and building.  

Less Damage


Dock lights can be integrated with the control system inside the building, so docking becomes asimple, seamless operation for the dock controller and truck driver. 

Dock Lights
safety from the streets, now available at your docks

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