FasTrax FR

High speed freezer door

High speed insulated freezer door that has the tightest and most reliable seal, the largest variety of track configurations, and a true knock-out and auto re-feed feature.


FasTrax FR Video:


Speed: Up to 2.5m/sec

Curtain Thickness: 25mm

Maximum Size: 3.1m Wide x 5.5m High

Minimum Size: 1.5m Wide x 1.5m High

Warranty: 1 year warranty for entire door (including electrical)


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Unbeatable Insulation

Energy savings can be guaranteed with the Fastrax FR's robust insulated curtain, which eliminates ice build-up in your freezer, reducing defrost cycles and saving on clean-up labour costs

Unbeatable Insulation


With operating speeds up to 2.5m/sec the FasTrax FR is the industry’s fastest door, shortening cycle times and maximising productivity and energy savings.


Versatile Track Designs

Allow the door curtain to store in multiple track configurations, so as to fit almost any application with fewer costly building modifications.
Versatile Track Designs
Fully knockout
and auto re-feed

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