Ulti-Roll Frigo 1

High speed fabric freezer door

This is a great economical option for a high speed freezer door, minimizing downtime and damage to the door in case of an accidental impact. Great for any freezers or coolrooms needing a high speed door system.

Due to its compact design it can be easily incorporated into restricted building designs.

Speed: Up to 1m/sec

Maximum Size: 5m high x 3m wide

Wind Resistance: Class 1 hurricane rated up to 170km/hr

Curtain Colours: 12 different RAL colours to choose from

Warranty: 2 year or 100,000 cycles from installation date


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Rapid Acting

With an opening speed of up to 1m/second, fast cycle times mean the door opens quickly, remains open for the minimum time required, then closes fast, to maximise productivity and energy savings. 

Rapid Acting


This high speed freezer door is designed to operate in areas where high pressure is present. With wind pressure ratings of over 50 pascals the door can be used in process areas where positive pressure is present. 


The Curtain

With Rip Stop PVC woven fabric, filled with insulative foam, the Frigo 1 provides an extremely effictive barrier to temperature differences on either side of a doorway. 

The Curtain
An economical
high speed freezer door

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