Bugshield Doors

Insect preventative doors

Sliding or roll-up insect screens keep insects and pests out while allowing fresh air to flow through your facility, and also increase security by providing a visual barrier.


Minimum size (manual): 1219 mm x 2133 mm
Minimum size (powered): 1219 mm x 2133 mm
Maximum size (manual): 3124 mm x 3124 mm
Maximum size (powered): 4267 mm x 4267 mm
Mesh Colours: yellow, red, blue, grey
Warranty: 1 Year


Available automatic or manual roll-up, or manual sliding – for wider doorways.


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Pest and Bug Control

Heavy-duty vinyl coated mesh prevents the access of small bugs and insects, and also prevents larger pests from entering your facility, all of which can cause expensive product damage. 

 Pest and Bug Control


Rather than having an open doorway, the Bugshield door provides a visual barrier, deterring unauthorised access into your facility and therefore prevents theft and vandalism.


Increased Airflow

Whilst keeping unwanted guests out, it allows fresh air to enter your work area, for comfort and productivity.

Increased Airflow
yellow, red, blue and grey
Optional mesh colours

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