Split Second

High speed bi-parting PVC door

A bi-parting door which means higher opening speeds, shorter cycle times and higher visibility – the perfect option for doorways with high pedestrian usage.


Split Second Video:

Speed: 3m/sec

Minimum Size: 1.5m Wide x 2.1m High

Maximum Size: 3.6m Wide x 3.6m High

Wind Resistance: 50 Pascal’s

Warranty: 1 year (including electrical)


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High Speed

An unmatched peak speed of 3m/sec makes the Bi-Parting PVC Door the industry’s fastest door.

High Speed

Short Cycle Times

These are created by the following factors: Opening at 3m/sec, bi-parting to allow full height immediately, and cutting the travel distance in half through using a two-door operation. It only has to open to the width of the object, not the height like vertical moving doors do. 

Short Cycle Times


With full height visibility available instantly, optional vision panels and three sets of reversing thru-beam photo eyes, safety is maximised in your doorways.


3m per second
Opening speed of a Split Second Door

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