Vertical Stacking Sectional Doors

Upwards stacking door of sectional panels

Panels fold and stack one of top of another above the door, the perfect solution for any tight application which requires a sectional door.

Maximum Size: 8m Wide x 8m High

Panel Options: Straight panels, panels with windows, full vision, or even an in-built personnel door.


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Because this door stacks its panels one of top of the other at the top of the doorway, headroom required is minimal, and the door can fit in many places other door styles couldn't.


Visually Appealing

With multiple colour and fully glazed options, the Vertical Stacking Sectional Door can be used to enhance your buildings image, by giving it a modern touch. 

Visually Appealing

Ideal For

Car Showrooms, Fire Stations, Museums, Ambulance Stations, or any commercial buildings.

Ideal For
show off
maximum visibility and power savings

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